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The Journey Into Deep Sky Astrophotography – Part 2

In last week’s blog I covered the core equipment I settled on for my deep sky astrophotography journey. The main components include the camera, tracking mount, guide camera, and the computer controller that controls the […]

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Beginning The Journey Into Deep Sky Astrophotography

As a Milky Way photographer I’m always in awe of the night sky and the many beautiful objects above our heads. Last fall I began thinking about deep sky objects such as nebula and galaxies […]

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Updated Astrophotography Cheat Sheet

So, you’re ready to spend a night under the stars and start your astrophotography journey. You have the perfect foreground target picked out. You get the tripod and camera setup and set your composition. You’re […]

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11 Tasks for Ringing in a New Year of Astrophotography

2020 is finally behind us and we’re heading into 2021 with hope and inspiration. As we head into a new year it’s a perfect time to make sure you and your gear are ready for […]

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What’s in the Bag – Astrophotography Adventures

This upcoming week I’ll be traveling to Grand Marais, Minnesota with fellow photographer Brian Stockton ( on an astrophotography adventure. Our goals are to capture stunning shots of the Milky Way, Perseid meteor shower, star trails, […]

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Perseid Meteor Shower 2018: Where & When to View Them & How to Photograph the Show

The 2018 Perseid meteor shower is currently underway and will peak on the nights of August 11-12 and 12-13. During the peak of the meteor shower up to 60 to 70 meteors per hour are […]

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Perseid Meteor Shower 2017: Where & When to View Them & How to Photograph the Show

The 2017 Perseid meteor is currently underway and will peak on August 12 into the early morning hours of August 13th. During the peak of the event up to 80 meteors per hour are possible. However, […]

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Solar Eclipse Photography Tips

The solar eclipse that will move across the US on August 21 is a month away. Are you ready to view and photograph this rare spectacle? I know that I’m ready!  Photographing the eclipse is […]

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