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Extreme Weather Photography – Know Your Gear 2021 Edition

After a long and hard winter for many folks spring is right around the corner. That means that severe weather season is rapidly approaching. For storm chasers this is our favorite time of year. Chasers, […]

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Updated Astrophotography Cheat Sheet

So, you’re ready to spend a night under the stars and start your astrophotography journey. You have the perfect foreground target picked out. You get the tripod and camera setup and set your composition. You’re […]

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11 Tasks for Ringing in a New Year of Astrophotography

2020 is finally behind us and we’re heading into 2021 with hope and inspiration. As we head into a new year it’s a perfect time to make sure you and your gear are ready for […]

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Fireworks Photography

The 4th of July is tomorrow and that means it’s fireworks time. During this crazy year of 2020 many fireworks shows have been cancelled, but not all of them have. So if you fortunate enough […]

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My Storm Chasing Photography Gear

I often get asked the question, “What storm chasing photography gear do you have in your camera bag when you go chasing?” To answer that question and more, regarding my passion for photographing extreme weather, […]

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Chasecation 2018 – A Photographers Journey

Storm chasing and capturing the beauty of mother nature is my passion. I try to get out as often as possible to chase storms in Iowa and surrounding states but sometimes its hard to get […]

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Facebook Algorithm Changes Will Hurt Photography Pages

An upcoming change to how Facebook manages its news feed will have a big impact on photographers who use business pages to share their content with followers and clients. In a January 11, 2018 post to […]

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The Basics of Steel Wool Photography

What is Steel Wool Photography? Steel Wool Photography is the process of using long camera exposures to capture the motion of hot sparks flying through the air through the act of spinning burning steel wool.  […]

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The Great American Eclipse 2017: My Photography Adventure

Its been a few days since the Great American Eclipse of 2017 moved across the United States and I for one will never forget my first total eclipse experience as a photographer and as a […]

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Practicing my Solar Eclipse Techniques

I spent some time this weekend practicing my photography techniques for the upcoming solar eclipse. One of the main things I wanted to practice was how my Nikon D750 handles bracketing and exactly how the […]

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