The Great American Eclipse 2017: My Photography Adventure

Its been a few days since the Great American Eclipse of 2017 moved across the United States and I for one will never forget my first total eclipse experience as a photographer and as a […]

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Clouds May Hinder Viewing of Perseid Meteor Shower Peak in Iowa

The Perseid meter shower is ongoing each night right now and will continue to ramp up in the number of meteors per hour until the shower hits its peak on Saturday night into Sunday morning. […]

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July 2017 Photo of the Month

The 7th month of the year has come and gone and we’re now in the latter portions of summer as we head into August. This past month I didn’t take many photos because of my […]

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Practicing my Solar Eclipse Techniques

I spent some time this weekend practicing my photography techniques for the upcoming solar eclipse. One of the main things I wanted to practice was how my Nikon D750 handles bracketing and exactly how the […]

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Perseid Meteor Shower 2017: Where & When to View Them & How to Photograph the Show

The 2017 Perseid meteor is currently underway and will peak on August 12 into the early morning hours of August 13th. During the peak of the event up to 80 meteors per hour are possible. However, […]

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Solar Eclipse Photography Tips

The solar eclipse that will move across the US on August 21 is a month away. Are you ready to view and photograph this rare spectacle? I know that I’m ready!  Photographing the eclipse is […]

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Chances for Northern Lights in Iowa Fading

As of 8:00 this evening the space weather numbers are not looking good for the northern lights in Iowa. The CME arrived 15 to 18 hours ahead of the forecast which placed Iowa in daylight […]

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Northern Lights Possible in Iowa Tonight

The CME impacted Earth at around 1:15am Iowa time this morning. Thats more than 15 hours earlier than the NOAA SWPC expected. I’ve seen some debate online on whether this is the main CME or this is […]

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The Northern Lights May Make an Iowa Appearance Sunday Night

A CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) that took place on the Sun on July 14th is heading towards Earth and NOAA space weather forecast models expect this CME to impact the Earths magnetic field sometime late […]

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The 2017 State Fair Results Card Has Arrived

The day that many Iowa photographers look forward to with great anticipation has come. Its the day you receive the results post card from the Iowa State Fair Photography Salon. My card arrived yesterday and […]

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