July 2018 Photo of the Month – Milky Way Sunflowers

The dog days of summer are in full swing and so is photography season. This month has been a busy one with many opportunities for storm chasing and night skies photography. With the wide variety of photos to choose from, such as tornadoes, Milky Way, landscapes, flowers, sunsets, and more, one would think it would be hard picking just one favorite for the July photo of the month. Many times that would be true, but not this month. This month, I was able to cross off a photo that has been on the photography bucket list for quite some time. It involves two of the photo types I mentioned earlier. “What could it be,” you ask. Without further ado, the July photo of the month is the Milky Way taken in a field of sunflowers. 

milky way sunflowers field Badger Creek State Park

Milky Way in a sunflower field

When I started to see photos from this sunflower field on social media, I knew that I had to do some night skies photography. So on July 16th I headed out to this field to setup for an evening of night sky photos. After walking around in the field, looking for just the right composition, I settled in and did a star trail photo first. It was during the waning moments of blue hour. The star trail photo turned out quite nice. However, I was actually waiting for astronomical twilight to end so I would have totally dark skies for the Milky Way. After 11 pm I changed my composition to have a sunflower in the foreground and the Milky Way in the background. With the sunflowers facing east it made the shot tougher, but in the end I had a great looking photo. 

I’m looking forward to August as I’ll be heading out of state for some night skies adventures. What will those adventures be? Stay tuned to this web site and check out the Gallery often. I’ll be loading photos from my August night skies adventure, as well as many more from this year. Until then, keep those cameras shooting!

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  1. Jim Langer September 18, 2019 at 2:28 pm #

    Like the work. Saw some similar by a guy on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2827196333973709&set=pb.100000501106584.-2207520000.1568834702.&type=3&theater

    Is this a popular subject. It’s quite Van Gogh-y.

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