November 2017 Photo of the Month

November, its that time of year where photographers start getting bored because of the lack in interesting and colorful things to photograph outside. The fall colors are gone from the trees and snow has yet to fall in many parts of Iowa. The clearer than normal skies have given us some very nice sunrises and sunsets this month so that is a bonus. 

With more clear skies than normal I’ve had several opportunities to get out and do some November astrophotography. The cold and crisp nights are perfect for night skies photography because of the lower humidity which translates into less haze. So during the last new moon around the middle of the month I found myself trying to figure out where to go on a clear Saturday night. For a good portion of the day I was stuck until I had a revelation. I had never done any night skies photography at the Hindu Temple just a few miles south of my hometown of Madrid, IA. So I reached out to my buddy Brian to see if he wanted to come along and he was game. So around 8PM we met up and get our cameras in position. 

I had a fairly good idea of how I wanted to compose my shot as soon as I arrived. I had in mind a star trail, but I also checked out the position of the Milky Way over the temple since it was visible. Its not the most photogenic portion of the Milky Way, but it would work. Anyway the star trail was my main objective that evening. Once I was happy with my composition I took a series of shots over a 60 minute period and I came up with this very neat and interesting star trail at the temple. This is my photo of the month for November. 

What will December have in store? I have some small projects I’ll be working on this month so we’re have to wait and see. Until then keep shooting!

© Willard Sharp

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