September 2017 Photo of the Month

Fall has arrived here in Iowa. The leaves are starting to change colors, cooler weather is moving in, the harvest is well underway, and of course photography opportunities are plentiful. 

This past month was a busy one for me. Living History Farms Photography Day was a huge success with my astrophotography classes drawing in large number of attendees. As my knee continues to get stronger I’m able to get out more and more. I went on several photography adventures around Iowa adding sunsets, landscapes, northern lights, star trails, and milky way photos to my ever growing collection. Even with all of the photos I collected this past month it was rather easy for me to pick out my favorite. Septembers photo of the month is the Milky Way meeting up with the Boone River. 

September 2017 Photo of the Month. Milky Way over the Boone River.

This photo was taken September 21st at 9:31PM on a bridge over the Boone river south of Webster City, IA. This location offers dark skies to the south so viewing the Milky Way is easy from here. At this bridge the river flows in a southwesterly direction. In September the Milky Way is nearly vertical during the late evening hours and is in the southwestern night sky. I’d made a note two years ago to return to this bridge and photograph the Milky Way once it was lined up over the river. Last year I didn’t have an opportunity to catch the Milky Way here, but this year I remembered. Fortunately on the the day I remembered the sky was clear and moonless so I packed up my gear and headed out to the bridge that night. 

Fall overs many opportunities for capturing beautiful photos. Be sure you get outside and enjoy the great weather. Because you know what comes after fall. 

© Willard Sharp

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