October 2017 Photo of the Month

Fall in Iowa is a great time to be out and about. Photo opportunities are plentiful with the changing of the leaves, harvest time, and Halloween. During this past month I went out of several photography adventures covering star trails, Milky Way, and fall colors. Out of all those adventures my favorite photo came from far NE Iowa at the Old Stone Church. While in the area searching for fall colors I stopped here and did some star trail photography. Here’s my October photo of the month. 

Star Trails at the Old Stone Church

I’ve been looking at this site for quite some time as a spot for some astrophotography fun, so while in NE Iowa hunting for fall colors I could not resist the urge to stop here. I like how the the composition came out on this photo. The moon also provided the perfect amount of light on the building and landscape. 

With November just a few hours away I probably won’t be outside quite as much with the camera. But I do have an adventure in mind that I’m hoping will provide some neat night time photos. More to come on that later. Until then have a safe and fun November. And remember, always keep shooting!.

© Willard Sharp

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